In every product category, there is one brand that stands above the rest, a brand name that represents the latest innovations, the best quality, and the highest levels of performance. For window coverings, that name is Luxaflex.

New Zealand Window Shades has been the exclusive distributor of the Luxaflex range since 1992, and we want to reward you for your preference, loyalty, and advocacy for the Luxaflex brand.

Watch the Luxaflex Inspire Rewards Programme overview video below for insight into how the programme works.


2021 Programme

The Luxaflex Inspire Rewards Programme runs to a traditional calendar year, 1 January 2021 to 31 December 2021.

You have this timeframe to reach the sales threshold of $20,000 worth of Luxaflex products.

Once you achieve $20,000 in cumulative sales, you will receive 20,000 reward points AND commence receiving 1 point for every $1 of sales thereafter.

You still have the opportunity to achieve a possible 40,000 extra bonus points: If you reach $50,000, $75,000, $100,000 or $125,000 in Luxaflex sales, you will receive a bonus 10,000 points at each threshold.


Here is a working example:

  • Mary sells $4,000 worth of Luxaflex products in January, $5,000 in February, and then a whopping $15,000 in March. Her cumulative sales of $24,000 exceeds the qualifying threshold of $20,000, and Mary receives 24,000 reward points into her account.
  • In April, Mary sells $3,500 worth of Luxaflex products, so the following month she receives 3,500 reward points into her account. Every month until the end of December, Mary will receive 1 reward point for every dollar of Luxaflex sales reported until the programme resets again.
  • Over the year Mary accumulates 52,500 points, which she chooses to use to purchase flights to Sydney for a Christmas vacation.


As this is a new year of the programme,  your reported sales have been reset to $0 on 1 January 2021. They will be re-set again on 1 January 2022 and each calendar year thereafter.

Keep an eye on your monthly emails and download the Luxaflex app to receive app alerts with the latest in news, points, and competitions.



With the Luxaflex Inspire Rewards app you can easily see your points balance, check how you're tracking to your target, and make quick reward redemptions. Simply click on the App Store or Google Play button below and download the app today to start making the most out of the Luxaflex Inspire Rewards programme!